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The Gamechanger a posted Oct 30, 13
R.I.P.  an excellent regiment that shall forever reside in the Mount and Musket Hall of Fame.  No one could touch us back in the glory days.  How we cared so much about our skill and still had fun in those times will remain a mystery.  That being said, the days of NW and MM superiority have been behind us for some time now, and it is time to recognize it.  There is no more hiding from that fact that we do not care for the game anymore (although some people did a better job hiding it than others).  The community that made up the Marins de la Garde Imperiale is starting to grow apart, and there doesn't seem much anyone can do about it.  With Smithy gone, we have no real leader now.  I hope that the good days of the past aren't the last good days we will have together.  I hope that you all saw the Marins as not a regiment, but rather a title we put on something that can only be described as true camaraderie.  Most of all, I hope that we can, from time to time, come together and let the past be the past and just have a great time doing what we always did; JAM.
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Smithy a posted Sep 5, 11
Bataillon des Marins de la Garde Imperiale

"Valeur et Discipline"

"There was no task they could not undertake."

About Us:

No longer fighting for the Emperor, we find entertainment in other things.  Whether it be other Warband Mods, War Thunder, Arma, Minecraft, we are still the Marins.  We are still here.  We no longer conquer the endless hoards whom refer to themselves as Prussians, Austrians, Russians, and Englishmen.  We no longer conquer them because we no longer desire to.  The time of greatness has for the moment, come to an end.  No matter where we go, we will never be forgotten.  L'Aigle has the potential for new possibility, for rebirth.  Patiently we wait. 

The Fate of the group depends on us
As long as we live
We shall think only of Victory

We shall Annihilate everyone
Who is opposed to us

Capitaine de Vaisseau (Ret.)

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